Simulated Nature: “Growth” by Zach Rispoli (2013)

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Simulated Nature: “Farewell” by Bo Ri Lee (2013)

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One of artists that I like is Sophie Calle and I was inspired by her work “Take care of yourself” to create this work. I interpreted nature as being a part of time; humans are always affected by time. We grow up – recently I left my high school to come to college. There was many feelings that I had and I used it as the main theme of my work. I took a part of my graduation speech and sent it to my closest friends, parents, family and teachers to get a response from them. This shrine is a farewell to my past years in high school and getting ready for a new life.

Two Chairs/Conversation Part 3 “Serene in Chaos” by Becca Epstein














Two Chairs/Conversation Part 3 “RelaSing” by Bo Ri Lee

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Chairs/Conversation Part 2 by Zach Rispoli (2013)

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photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

After testing the prototype, I’ve made these changes to the rhino file:
– More room for neck/head
– Removed circular cut from bottom
– Made the curve more swirled
– Added an extra panel (more concentrated: more comfortable)
– Tightened the join places for stability
– Added swirled engravings to the sides
– Thickened the back of the chair for strength so you can lean back

The final chair will be built with plywood and spray painted gold.

Chairs / Conversation Part 2 by BoRi Lee (2013)

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This prototype is one of my designs that I had created for the project. It was near to what I had planned but there was few things to improve in my design.


First of all, the holes that were made to make the chair rocking wasn’t in the right place. Although I did plan in Rhino, it wasn’t properly measured so I had to make the hole larger by hand. It seems that I need to adjust the holes again and make it a little bigger so it would be able to fit in with ease.

DSC_0027_1 DSC_0028_1

Also the back part of the chair wasn’t fitting in clearly due to small number changes that was made during the process which I will have to calculate again. Besides the back part I need to figure out how to put the chair together. Because I had tried it in a order that made some parts not fit in so perfectly one of the vertical pieces for the chair was broken into two. I think that I will probably try a different order to put the chairs together, putting the round wheels and horizontal sections of the chair together and then moving on to the vertical parts of the chair.


And the chair might seem a little to short for someone who is very tall, which was a factor that I forgot to consider when I was making the chair. It is a part that I will have to change again.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Tom Killed Himself While Jane Prayed for His Soul” by Ji Heon Han (2013)

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Two identical chairs, one with a box of a revolver and a bullet, one with the Bible.

It is a suicide kit, which people can use to act out or re-enact killing of oneself without getting hurt.

A laser-cut box will be used to store a “toy” gun and a bullet, while a real Bible sits on the other chair.

A pattern of a cross is essential, since first, it is good to look at

and second, my starting point comes from the Christian notion of shooting oneself in the head to “get rid of all the bad thoughts”.

I imagined, Tom wants to kill himself.

Jane would not like him to die, but also knows that she cannot stop him.

All Jane can do for now is to talk to him briefly and read the verses until there goes a sound.

Chair Site 1

Chair Site 2

Chair Site 3



Two Chairs and a Conversation: “The Wiser and the Lesser (Prototype)” by Luca Damasco (2013)

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     The conversation between the “Wiser” and the “Lesser” will be my attempt at humorous pedagogy between two volunteers. These participants can either know or not know their partner, however one will immediately be designated “the Wiser” by the size and stature of their chair in comparison to their counterpart’s. This conversation could last for hours, for minutes or possibly for seconds; however, the short term goal of the conversation will be for one of the participants to have learned or experienced something new. This “something” should not merely be interesting, but hopefully life changing. I aim for the scene to take place in the Hunt Library but not simply for it’s pedagogical nature. Rather than simply place my ‘guinea pigs’ on a regular floor, if this conversation were to take place in the rare art book room (fully stocked) I feel that the conversation will take very wild and unexpected turns. My prototype is based off of a strong, simple and traditional wooden chair. Rather than implement ornamental and decorative style for the forward and back ends, I chose to allow my early models to simply reflect the “strength” of the pose the chair will take. It should be tall, and wide in comparison to “the Lesser’s” chair. Further down the line I hope to add etching and stylizations to both chairs in order to better develop their subversive meanings.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Time Off” by Bo Ri Lee (2013)

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CFA students has long hours of studios and heavy work load. The chairs at the studios, however, aren’t that comfortable to sit log times in. To add to it, there are no place to sit down and have some food or enjoy the little time between classes at CFA building. I want to make a chair that would able students to relax the time they have and sit down to talk about other things beside the arts related subjects.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Inner Peace Chair” by Becca Epstein (2013)

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I went to a Quaker High School for three years, but it wasn’t about religion or god. It was about inner peace and meditation. I imagine this chair being used in that mindset for an intimate conversation or a group reflection similar to a Quaker meeting. Quakers sit quietly until they feel the need to speak. This is the environment I want to create. I want the sitters to be surround and close to nature  which is the reason for the low seat. I want to sitters to find inner peace and connect to the people around them. This chair can be anywhere where you can reach your hand down and stroke a blade of grass or a leaf. I chose to place the chair on a little clear grass next to the Morewood parking lot on the way to my dorm. People can stop, think, and converse here. College students and the community can find a moment of peace in the middle of their hectic lives.

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