Simulated Nature: “Seismotectonics” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)














Two Chairs and a Conversation Part 3: “Temporarily Unrequited” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

















Two Chairs and a Conversation Part Two: “Temporarily Unrequited” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)


The proportions are not as I would like them, so I must rescale the pieces to where an adult human would be able to sit in it.


I also need to add lips to the bottom support beam. I plan to redesign the bottom “feet”, to where there is less surface area of the chair that is touching the floor.




Upon rescaling, the armrest might become less stable, so a redesign of that would fix the issue.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Temporarily Unrequited” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

chair1 chair2 chair3 chair4

Conversations are not only spoken-word. They can be initiated and sustained through body and expression. I imagine my chairs to be slightly angled, forcing those who sit to touch knee to knee. This conversation takes place between two people who both share feelings for eachother that are unknown, both under the impression that their affections are one-sided. Upon a slight touch, like that of knee to knee, feelings are molded into realizations.

Imaginary Habitat: “Propogate no. 2” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Imaginary Landscapes: “Propogate” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

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Laser Cutter Example: “Wooden Carpet” by Elisa Stroyzk (2010)


The project “wooden textiles” intends to look at the material wood in a new way. Geometric wooden pieces compose a flexible surface which can perform in different three-dimensional shapes. The material ranges between hard and soft, parquet and carpet, blurring relationships between furniture and textiles.

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Laser Cutter Example: Laser-Cut Paper Art by Eric Standley (2013)


Inspired by Gothic and Islamic architecture, these beautiful paper art pieces bear strong resemblance to the stained glass windows so often seen in the great Cathedrals of the Gothic period.

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Laser Cutter Example: “Kelp Constructs” by Julia Lohman (2008)


Artist Julia Lohmann has used the sensational seaweed to create beautiful laser-cut lampshades. The kelp’s dried green skin produces a soft glow while the pierced geometric patterns reminiscent of Japanese textiles give the lampshade a lacy, delicate look.

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