Two Chairs/Conversation Part 3: “If We Could Speak Once More; but Only in a Dream.” by Luca Damasco (2013)


     Imagine being able to talk with the person who taught you everything you know; being able to speak with them one last time. Alas, after their death, It can only happen in a dream. Black, symbolic of loss and death, and white, symbolic of life and vitality, cover each piece.; scarring in some areas and healing in others. The harshness of each angle combined with the heavy contrast in color allow each person who sits in the chair to assume a new role. “The Wiser”, tall, strong and bold or “The Lesser”, assuming a shorter stance, yearning in imitation of their “master’s” persona.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “What You Call Fun” by Charlotte Stiles


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.48.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.47.47 PMThese two chairs are a conversation between two personalities, one who loves the fun in danger, and the other who likes the fun in staying home. One chair is a dis-jointed two seater amusement park side, the swings. The other is a waffled comfy reading chair for someone small, and alone. The two chairs are placed in a playground because that is a universal place for different children. In school all types of kids would hang around the playground.


Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Temporarily Unrequited” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

chair1 chair2 chair3 chair4

Conversations are not only spoken-word. They can be initiated and sustained through body and expression. I imagine my chairs to be slightly angled, forcing those who sit to touch knee to knee. This conversation takes place between two people who both share feelings for eachother that are unknown, both under the impression that their affections are one-sided. Upon a slight touch, like that of knee to knee, feelings are molded into realizations.

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