Instrument of Persuasion: “Handmade in France & MADE IN CHINA” by Charlotte Stiles (2013)

Assignment,Final Project,Laser Cutter,Rhino3D — Charlotte Stiles @ 1:18 pm

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Simulated Nature: “Hope for the Dead When the Living Play God” by Luca Damasco (2013)

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As science continues to develop new ways of perfecting the human body, will these advancements ever turn against the human race as a whole? Together, the living will “play God” hailing the possibility of immortality whilst disregarding the consequences of a life without death.

An abstracted chest encapsulating a mechanical heart.

Simulated Nature: “Seismotectonics” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)














Instrument of Persuasion: “Man Gun” by Ji Heon Han (2013)





Simulated Nature “Museum of the Future” by Becca Epstein

Assignment,Final Project,Laser Cutter,Submission — Rebecca Epstein @ 7:57 am











This is the way a future society would present our natural world. They try to create a scientific image of our life, but they mix everything up a little. Instead of a typical white platform, the presentation stand is a gold stand reminiscent of ornate frames. Instead of an upright lake, there is an upside down representation of a lake.

Two Chairs for a conversation: by Gwen Sadler (2013)

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These two chairs are meant to attract two different kinds of people. The first one being a strange low to the ground rocking chair would attract people in a good mood or maybe someone with a more light hearted playful demeanor. The second chair being fairly standard dimensions but also  very ridged, would attract someone perhaps more reserved/serious in nature or mood. These two different style chairs being placed next to eachother would perhaps bring these two opposite types of people together in conversation not where the subject is the goal but what each person observes om the other about how they view and live their lives. I am not sure of the location yet but I was thinking to place the chairs in the c floor of Doherty. Students are always sitting along the walls and leaning against the walls waiting for their classes, so the lack of seating would increase the probability that my chairs will actually be sat in.

Two Chairs and a Conversation: “What You Call Fun” by Charlotte Stiles


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.48.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.47.47 PMThese two chairs are a conversation between two personalities, one who loves the fun in danger, and the other who likes the fun in staying home. One chair is a dis-jointed two seater amusement park side, the swings. The other is a waffled comfy reading chair for someone small, and alone. The two chairs are placed in a playground because that is a universal place for different children. In school all types of kids would hang around the playground.


Two Chairs and a Conversation: “Temporarily Unrequited” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

chair1 chair2 chair3 chair4

Conversations are not only spoken-word. They can be initiated and sustained through body and expression. I imagine my chairs to be slightly angled, forcing those who sit to touch knee to knee. This conversation takes place between two people who both share feelings for eachother that are unknown, both under the impression that their affections are one-sided. Upon a slight touch, like that of knee to knee, feelings are molded into realizations.

Imaginary Habitat: “Propogate no. 2” by Isabella Antolic-Soban (2013)

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Imaginary Habitat: “The Behemoth, Consumed.” by Luca Damasco (2013)

Assignment,Final Project,Laser Cutter,Technique — LucaDamasco @ 7:23 am


Habitat_Luca_10        Habitat_Momeni_1








     Hidden behind decades of desertion and unforeseen fallibility, lies the ruins of the once great, Behemoth. Unable to power it’s reign of tyranny any longer, the machine that claimed the minds and souls of generations, collapsed upon itself; choked by the weight of the iron from which it once gained its strength. The ominous power of the Behemoth is now consumed by the growth of the same earth from which its metals were once forged. From steel and stone, a habitat of prosperous green life now arises.

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