Laser Cutter Hours / Calendar / Reservations

Laser Cutter — Ali Momeni @ 1:53 pm

Links to calendar/reservations for Art and Architecture laser cutters:


Laser Cutter Example: “Papercraft Self Portrait” by Eric Testroete (2009)

Artists,Laser Cutter,Reference,Technique — Ali Momeni @ 8:34 pm

This project entails a larger-than-life photo-realistic head made of paper, worn by the artists and photographed in his usual surroundings.  The project combines color printing, with origami inspired unfolding/folding performed by Pepakura, and situated photographic documentation.


CNC Tricks: Part 1

CNC Router,Folding,Laser Cutter,Technique — Ali Momeni @ 2:36 pm

Some excellent articles on CNC joinery, flexibility and else:

  1. CNC Panel Joinery Notebook (and “Update 1“)
  2. Jochen Gros’ 50 Digital Wood Joints

  3. CNC Kerf-Bending

  4. Plywood Hinge Design and Living Hinges

Assignment 1: Intro Rhino

Assignment,Description — Ali Momeni @ 1:12 pm

DUE: 9/4/13

  1. Complete chapters 1-10 of the Lynda Rhino tutorials; log in to CMU/lynda here.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the material in Rhino CAD 101; this includes a list of 30 or so critical rhino commands, as well as a list of links to various Rhino learning resources.

There will be an in-class exam on Wednesday September 4 on the material covered in these tutorials.  You will be graded on a scale of 0-2; this grade will count as your first assignment for the course.


Course Administration — Ali Momeni @ 8:40 pm

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