“MYO” by Thalmic Labs (2014)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Reference — epicjefferson @ 4:57 pm

The MYO is a gesture control armband, very similar to what Daito Manabe did, but with Bluetooth 4.0.


“Swarm Light” by rAndom International (2010)

White lights hung above the viewer respond to sound and make organic-looking patterns and waves.

“runScribe” by Scribe Labs (2010)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Scanning,Sensors — mbparker @ 4:56 pm


“Digital Tattoo” by Motorola and VivLnk (2014)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:56 pm


“Warning Signs” by Sue Ngo and Nien Lam (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Assignment — chung @ 4:56 pm


“Security Blanket” by Security Blanket (2014)


“Technesexual Interface” by Micha Cardenas (2009)

Artists,Instrument,Reference,Visual — MattSandler Sandler @ 4:54 pm




“Nail Art” by Kristina Ortega and Jenny Rodenhouse (2014)

Reference — Tags: — John Mars @ 4:53 pm


“Coin slot detector” by Amy Khoshbin (2009)

Artists,Reference — MattSandler Sandler @ 4:52 pm


When your coin slot is exposed, this wearable hip-pack vibrates that area to make you aware of it. you decide to cover up, or let it all hang out.


“The Invisible Man” by Liu Bolin (2014)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Artists,Assignment,Reference — Tags: — anna rosati @ 4:52 pm

“Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflages himself into urban backdrops using acrylic paint, becoming “The Invisible Man.” We went behind the scenes of his blending process at London’s SCREAM gallery to document his process as he created two new, unreleased works, using director Jack Newman as his chameleon-like subject.”


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