“RjDj” by RjDj (2008)

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RjDj is an application which processes real-world sounds into new sonic experiences in real-time, something they called Reactive Music. It makes use of Pure Data as an audio engine in mobile phones.


“myoelectric sensor test” by Daito Manabe (2006)

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Daito Manabe is a new media artist and musician. This is one of the first projects that got me interested in electronic art, especially coming from a musical background. At the moment, I was starting to become interested in developing my own sounds, rather than just the stuff that came in stompbox guitar effects. This particular project uses sensors that pickup electric activity in muscles, he is then using that to trigger and control sound synthesis parameters.


“Mi.Mu” by Imogen Heap (2014)

Wearable tech which allows music manipulation through movement of hands by wearing gloves. Allows control of music “more naturally” according to Imogen. It utilizes haptic motors, high pressure flex sensors, IMU motion tracker, and RGB LED.


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“Soundsuits” by Nick Cave (2004)

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits utilize an array of ordinary objects, such as twigs, buttons, and hair, in an extraordinary way. He created oversized, African-inspired full-body suits which move and dance with visual and auditorial vibrance.

“Arcus Motion Analyzer” by Arcus Motion (2014)

The Arcus ring is pretty awesome in that it does not only apply its technology to health and fitness, although it does market those features considering they’re the biggest reason people buy wearable tech. The Arcus does much more, though: it can use its motion analysis software to communicate with other technologies smoothly. It’s water proof and it can be connected via Bluetooth to any device that supports it. How applicable!


“Nod” by Nod, Inc. (2014)

Wireless ring controller that allows hand movements to control computers, smart TVs to create notes, control outputs, and more.

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“Rocketskates™” by Peter Treadway and ACTON, Inc. (2014)

Skates that are controlled by the users movements and wireless controlled.

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“LUMOback™” by Lumo BodyTech, Inc. (2014)

Sensor created by Lumo BodyTech, Inc. the detects back posture throughout the day wherever you go.


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“Wearable Tech for Fitness” by Athos (2014)

Wearable shorts and shirts created by Athos that track your balance, muscle output, and heart rate,and more. This product utilizes embedded magnometers, breathing sensors, heart rate sensors, and emg sensors.


“Dyskograf” By Jesse Lucas, Erwan Raguenes + Yro 2013

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