“Seven Screen ‘Immersive Audio/Video Experience'” by Kanye West (2013)

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“Amphibious Architecture” by xClinic Environmental Health Clinic and the Living Architecture Lab (2009)

amphibious architecture from chris woebken on Vimeo.

Amphibious Architecture from Not An Alternative on Vimeo.

Calls attention to the dissolved oxygen located in water. The more cool the color the more oxygen there is, the more red/warm the less oxygen there is. Also monitors number of fish, and the amount of interest humans have in river ecosystem. Developed by xClinic Environmental Health Clinic at New York University and the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.


“Dromos” by Fraction & Maotik (2013)

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Dromos – An immersive performance by Fraction & Maotik from fraction on Vimeo.

Dromos is a Live audio visual performance created by composer Fraction and visual artist Maotik, designed for immersive environment, developed in the satosphere, at the Société des Arts Technologiques, for Mutek festival in 2013. Live Sound & synthesis are processed in ambisonics 2D for surround sound filed restitution purpose.


“The Parking Lot Experiments” by The Flaming Lips (1996-97)

Audio,Reference — cwill @ 1:34 pm

A series of participatory musical performances organized by Wayne Coyne and company in the mid-90s.  Audience members were given tapes to play on their car stereos, synchronized to start at the same time, and were responsible for changing the volume of their respective tapes with Wayne acting as a conductor.


“Deep Sea” by Robin Arnott (2011)

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“In this audio-only game, players don a mask that obscures their vision and takes over their hearing, plunging them into a world of blackness occupied only by the sound of their own breathing and the rumbles made by unseen terrors.”


Enchanted Object: “SoapBox: Lonely Dog Up For Adoption” by Priya Granadas and Yeliz Karadayi

SoapBox: Lonely dog up for adoption from Priya Ganadas on Vimeo.

SoapBox is a puppy who likes pretending he goes on adventures though really he just likes to sit on his couch. SoapBox is lonely and looking for love, however, if you hit him he will like you less and less. He is forgiving though, of course, and if you hold your hand out to him gently and wait to pet him, you might win him over and he’ll reach back out for your love. He gets confused when you disappear out of view, and he gets bummed when he’s alone. Voice reactions indicate his mood, and he moves when he’s reaching out for you to pet him. SoapBox wants to learn to love!

Alone Soap sits, waiting for someone to love

Alone Soap sits, waiting for someone to love

Could it be? Will somebody take me?

Could it be? Will somebody take me?

Alas, no. I continue to sit here sobbing on my SoapBox.

Alas, no. I continue to sit here sobbing on my SoapBox.


Enchanted Object: “Impulse Box” By Anna Rosati and Chris Williamson (2014)

To live an impulse

I would stretch my pulse

Extent my hand

To any length

To the length that grows,

Which keeps me sick

And feeds me poison

Between doses

Of sweet relief


That which destroys

Is best left alone


Spinning the crank on Impulse Box provides a release from its incessant, cacophonous noise, but with each rotation, you charge the battery keeping it running.

Enchanted Object: “Light Chimes” by Connor Brem, Emma Steuer (2014)

The object looks much like a simple set of old fashioned chimes. But there are no chimes, only strings. In complete stillness, it hums contentedly; but when the strings move and let light into its insides, it intones like a set of chimes. Light chimes.


light chime 007


Light sensors in its cap send information to a brain in the striker. At intervals, it picks a pitch which corresponds to the number of sensors exposed to light. The resulting sound is hollow and electronic, and changes abruptly.

sound sensing and arduino

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streaming audio from/to max

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audio streaming related:

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