“Coin slot detector” by Amy Khoshbin (2009)

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When your coin slot is exposed, this wearable hip-pack vibrates that area to make you aware of it. you decide to cover up, or let it all hang out.


“The Invisible Man” by Liu Bolin (2014)

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“Chinese artist Liu Bolin camouflages himself into urban backdrops using acrylic paint, becoming “The Invisible Man.” We went behind the scenes of his blending process at London’s SCREAM gallery to document his process as he created two new, unreleased works, using director Jack Newman as his chameleon-like subject.”


“SexF’it!” by Bondara (2014)

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A free smart phone app that provides users with information on their sexual performance.


“Inter Dis-Communication Machine” by Kazuhiko Hachiya (1993)

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“Third Hand” by Stelarc (1980)

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“Lady’s Glove” by Laetitia Sonami (1991)

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Laetitia Sonami first developed the Lady’s Glove in 1991 for a performance at Ars Electronica. This is a controller for sound synthesis which is fairly dexterous with a distopian feel. Since then, performers like Imogen Heap have adapted it for a more musical approach.


“Mi.Mu” by Imogen Heap (2014)

Wearable tech which allows music manipulation through movement of hands by wearing gloves. Allows control of music “more naturally” according to Imogen. It utilizes haptic motors, high pressure flex sensors, IMU motion tracker, and RGB LED.


Even More..

“Ka” by Cirque du Soleil, Puppets by Michael Curry (2004)

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Michael Curry’s puppet design makes brilliant use of the human body and it’s ability to control and bring life to an inanimate form.

“Soundsuits” by Nick Cave (2004)

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits utilize an array of ordinary objects, such as twigs, buttons, and hair, in an extraordinary way. He created oversized, African-inspired full-body suits which move and dance with visual and auditorial vibrance.

“Ripple” by POSTmatter (2014)

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ripple 2 ripple 1ripple 3

“The postexhibition in Milan showcased three original artworks, each harnessing interactive technology to create immersive experiences, and explore new relationships to digital content.”


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