“LIVE Singapore!” by SENSEable City Lab (2011)

OpenCV,Reference,Visual — meng @ 2:45 pm

The digital revolution has layered a vast system of cameras, communication devices, microcontrollers and sensors over our environment, enabling entirely new ways to imagine, monitor, and understand our cities.


“Gravity – 3D Sketching” by Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Pierre Paslier, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Guillaume Couche (2013)

Artists,Instrument,Reference,Visual — meng @ 2:34 pm

Gravity – 3D Sketching from GravitySketch on Vimeo.

Gravity is a tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality.


“Casalgrande ceramic cloud” by Kuma & Associati (2010)

Reference,Visual — meng @ 2:19 pm

Architecture without material: a non-corporeal visual project about ceramic. Kengo Kuma & Associate wanted to recreate and explain the inner meaning of the Ceramic Wall they designed and built for Casalgrande in central Italy. Studio Visuale has been choosen to design and create an immersive visual experience that could show the public the meaning and significance of the work of Kengo Kuma, creating a contemplative and emotional atmosphere.


“Dromos” by Fraction & Maotik (2013)

Audio,Reference — meng @ 1:59 pm

Dromos – An immersive performance by Fraction & Maotik from fraction on Vimeo.

Dromos is a Live audio visual performance created by composer Fraction and visual artist Maotik, designed for immersive environment, developed in the satosphere, at the Société des Arts Technologiques, for Mutek festival in 2013. Live Sound & synthesis are processed in ambisonics 2D for surround sound filed restitution purpose.


Enchanted Object: ” Sound Roulette” By Epic Jefferson and Meng (2014-9)

1_Enchanted Object,Hardware — meng @ 5:50 pm

photo 2 copy



Sequence 01 from Meng Shi on Vimeo.

Hold the Sonic Gun up to your ear, pull the trigger, and hope you survive. The Sonic Roulette plays on humanities’ risk taking values, disregard for noise pollution, and the physical repercussions of sound.


The electronics contain an Arduino Micro directly driving a small speaker. When the trigger is pulled, a sequence is initiated to select a frequency from an array, and only one space has a frequency above 0. If you’re lucky, you’re ear will get a nice dose of 0 hertz. If not…Good luck


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