“Bridget’s Bardo” by James Turrell (2009)

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An ethereal, illuminated ramp to nowhere.


“Vapor Slide” by Soo Sunny Park (2007)

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Huge, illuminated chandeliers made from unconventional materials.


“Field of Light” by Bruce Munro (2014)

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Hundreds of colored light globes fill a British park.


“Still Life” by Doug Aitken (2014)

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Still Life

A series of rooms with plaster walls which appear to be carved from stone. The rooms are filled with other works in a variety of media.


“Capturing Resonance” by Soo Sunny Park (2011)

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Capturing Resonance

A web of colored mirrors reflect light in unpredictable patterns around a room.


Enchanted Object: “Light Chimes” by Connor Brem, Emma Steuer (2014)

The object looks much like a simple set of old fashioned chimes. But there are no chimes, only strings. In complete stillness, it hums contentedly; but when the strings move and let light into its insides, it intones like a set of chimes. Light chimes.


light chime 007


Light sensors in its cap send information to a brain in the striker. At intervals, it picks a pitch which corresponds to the number of sensors exposed to light. The resulting sound is hollow and electronic, and changes abruptly.

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