“Warning Signs” by Sue Ngo and Nien Lam (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Assignment — chung @ 4:56 pm



“Sound Gloves” by Carmen Brecheis, Minna Holkkola, and Chi-Hsia Lai (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Assignment — chung @ 4:52 pm


“Platform” by Woven (2012)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Assignment — chung @ 4:46 pm



“Mushroom Death Suit” by Jae Rhim Lee (2011)

3_Embedded and Wearable,Assignment — chung @ 4:38 pm

[ted id=1247 lang=en&w=500]


“Hövding” by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin (2005)


“Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture” by Anthony McCall (2012)

Reference — chung @ 6:37 pm


Anthony McCall has developed his exploration of solid light which has overtaken the darkened central space of hamburger bahnhof. Mccall has transformed the 1,000 square meter room through his introduction of blinding small streams of light pouring down from the rafters of the vacuous, black space. this in-depth installation of mccall’s work is the first instance in which both vertical and horizontal luminescent forms are displayed within the same show.


“Night of the Audile” by Gregory Barsamian (1993)

Reference — chung @ 6:36 pm

Night of the Audile

materials: record player, sculpy / collection: Musee Chateau


“Our Lady of Detritus” by Kristin Norderval (2009)

Reference — chung @ 6:36 pm


A portable, interdisciplinary performance installation about trash and transcendence; a traveling grassroots campaign fueled by experimentation, green energy sources and community interaction.


“Zee” by Kurt Hentschlager (2008)

Reference — chung @ 6:21 pm

“Zee” by Kurt Hentschlager

The audience wanders freely in a space filled with extremely dense fog that fully obscures all of its boundaries. Stroboscopic- and pulse lights illuminate the fog, in a softened and evenly dispersed manner, creating kaleidoscopic three-dimensional structures in constant animation. An ambient and minimal sound-scape connects to the imagery, without directly synchronizing to it.


“Rain Room” by Random International (2012)

Reference — chung @ 6:20 pm


Rain Room is a hundred square metre field of falling water through which it is possible to walk, trusting that a path can be navigated, without being drenched in the process.


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