“3rdi” by Wafaa Bilal (2010)

Artists,Reference — chentsch @ 5:14 pm


” A camera temporarily implanted on the back of my head, it spontaneously and objectively captures the images – one per minute – that make up my daily life, and transmits them to a website for public consumption.”



“Muscle Machine” by Stelarc (2003)

Artists,Reference — chentsch @ 5:09 pm


The Muscle Machine is a six-legged walking robot, five metres in diameter. It is a hybrid human-machine system, pneumatically powered using fluidic muscle actuators.



“montanamex” by Eduardo Garcia (2014)

Artists,Reference — chentsch @ 4:59 pm

“Eduardo Garcia, a chef who lost his arm and now uses advanced mechanical prosthetics to continue the pursuit of his passion: food.”


“SexF’it!” by Bondara (2014)

Artists,Reference — chentsch @ 4:49 pm


A free smart phone app that provides users with information on their sexual performance.


“FingerWorld” by Claire Hentschker and Matt Sandler (2014)

Assignment,Audio,Digital Art,Instrument,Visual — chentsch @ 4:39 pm



Fingerworld is an immersive experience for the hand. As your fingers walk across the fabric, the world moves around them.


“Colors” by Cory Arcangel (2005)

Artists,Digital Art,Reference,Visual — chentsch @ 5:25 pm

“A 33-day-long version of Dennis Hopper’s 1988 film Colors.”


“Fractal Flowers” by Miguel Chevalier (2014)

Artists,Digital Art,Reference,Visual — chentsch @ 5:15 pm

Miguel CHEVALIER Paradis artificiels 2014 (version courte, short version) from Claude Mossessian on Vimeo.


“Meet Your Creator” by Marshmallow Laser Feast—Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten (2012)

Artists,Digital Art,Reference,Robotics — chentsch @ 5:08 pm

” In a tightly choreographed show, light is sculpted around the room using mirrors and spotlights by a dancing troupe of LED drones built and programmed specifically for the show.”


“Pulse Room” by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (2006)

Artists,Reference,Visual — chentsch @ 4:57 pm

Pulse Room by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer from MUTEK on Vimeo.

“A sensor records the pulse of the public and converts it into light flashes shown by incandescent light bulbs. At any given time the room shows the heartbeat of the 100 most recent participants.”


“Making the walls quake as if they were dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers” by Katarzyna Krakowiak (2012)

Artists,Instrument,Reference — chentsch @ 4:41 pm

“Krakowiak transforms the pavilion space into a vibrating structure of sound that picks up on the noise generated by neighbouring pavilions (Egypt, Serbia, Venice, Romania) via microphones installed in the floors and ventilation, heating and sewage systems. Visitors can “eavesdrop” on all the different sounds emitted from these other pavilions as evidence of the typical workings of the building and human activity, heightened by the effects of speaker systems, mixers and amplifiers. The intimacy of personal space is broken down by making all types of sounds available to a larger public, no matter how unpleasant, uncomfortable or plain embarrassing.”


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