Chairs/Conversation Part 2 by Alysia Finger

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This MDF prototype of the “Rocking Vespa” turned out surprisingly functional. It can (mostly) support an adult’s weight. Though construction was difficult given all the joints, I am highly pleased with the outcome. I plan to change the design in a way that would ease assembly: eliminate some connections and widen the joint entries. I would like to round and soften the edges of the seat to improve comfort, and round the decorative pieces to improve the look. I will add two foot bars: right below the seat (above the “wheels”)  for smaller children (like my daughter) and one under the “wheels” for larger children. The handle could also use some redesign to increase strength for rough play. I hope to paint and finish the piece to make it look more like a vespa. I will make the next two models out of plywood or a stronger material to make sure it will last through multiple children and have a longer lifespan.


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