Chairs/Conversation Part 1 by Alysia Finger

Assignment — afinger @ 1:30 pm

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For my chair project, I wanted to create a piece of furniture that I could get use out of after its creation, and since I have an abundance of seating for adults in my apartment already, I decided to create something for my daughter that her and her friends could use. In imagining a conversation between two children or babies, I realized that a conversation in chairs would be difficult for any child since they have such trouble sitting still. Children like to move and play – so the chair should encourage and work along with that desire to move: a rocking chair — better yet, a rocking horse! But I wanted give a different sense of adventure – horses are too rural. The idea of a vespa came to mind; it could give a new sense of adventure and exploration. Vespas are iconic to give a sense of place (Italy) but they are also advertised as an icon of freedom and youth. I have studied abroad in Italy so I have that connection, but the world as a whole is also becoming more global. Vespas were created to allow people to navigate the narrow alleyways in Italy and also allow for women to ride wearing long skirts. Vespas are now used quite often in Urban spaces in various countries. The idea of two babies conversing on an item that inspires a more adult use appeals to me. I imagine children talking about future adventures they may have. I found an example here.

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When I studied in Italy, I was excited by the amount of graffiti I saw in Milan. In fact, most store owners would commission artists to paint their garage doors, because any blank space was sure to be tagged eventually. Graffiti represents art, rebellion, youth, anarchy, identity, and a story that someone wants to tell by claiming a space. To use a chair that so closely ties to Italy, I also have to connect the location the chair would occupy. Graffiti and concrete will pull together the scene. Especially the space on my college campus that is utilized by the Children’s School. I look forward to juxtaposing inexperience youth with a scene more readily recognized as pertaining to young adults.


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