New Clinic for Sensory Vitality: Documentation

Assignment,Final Project — miles @ 9:52 am

New Clinic for Sensory Vitality, 2014 from Miles Peyton on Vimeo.


NCSV Crit-2

The medical document presented to elder


NCSV Crit-9

A medical document with symbols for each treatment


NCSV Crit-3

The patient is introduced to the clinic through an immersive audio overview


NCSV Crit-4

The components used for the audio overview


NCSV Crit-5

The interim treatment: a clinician collects smell samples using syringes


NCSV Crit-6

The cyclops walking tour, where the patient sees through the back of their head


NCSV Crit-7

The Bubble Sound Massage, carried out by a conductor and group of assistants


NCSV Crit-8

The Limping Walking Tour, where the patient sees through their ankle


NCSV Crit-10

Final evaluation with elder


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