Final Project -Emergent Behavior of Robotcars





Each car run the similar code and can be assign different role with different behavior wirelessly by the computer.

Emergent Behavior of Robotcars from Chen Geng on Vimeo.

Design assignment 4: Box1

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Design Assignment 4: Robot’s communication—Visible & Invisible Signals

Assignment,Hardware,Sensors,Systems Thinking — Zhen Geng @ 11:32 am



Originally based on Braitenberg vehicles ( Braitenberg, V. (1984). Vehicles: Experiments in synthetic psychology. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press), those robot drive their wheels according to the signal from the light sensors.

By adding the wireless communication, the robots can partly know each other’s information and change their movement and LED brightness to create visible signal. The wireless signal and the visible signal creates an feedback loop. Thus, by just applying each individual with simple rules  we can observe complex behaviors that presents by the collection.

design assignment 2: walking



In this piece I walked around Flagstaff Hill in a large circle until the snow was flattened by my foot prints. I was looking at Simon Beck who has made a series of work by walking patterns in the snow. I found that by walking I find personal clarity, and by walking in circles you loose a sense of where you are in relation to the world around you. Although this is a simple task it leaves a behind a large circle of compressed snow that will be visible for a while, with a reference to a crop circle and all that that brings with it.

design assignment 1: Observing the intersection of Forbes and Craig


“HELP” by Operation Safety Net (2004)

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“POTLUCK” by Keep Growing Detroit (2013)

Submission,Systems Thinking — Flora @ 6:20 pm

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Design Assignment 1: Observations on Hillman Library

Class Notes on Urban Intervention

In-Class,Systems Thinking — Ali Momeni @ 1:30 pm


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