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Some class related software here.

Video Projection

  • MAW livedraw: home-brew software, openSource, made in Max, being ported to OpenFrameworks; info here, stand-alone OS X version here
  • Millumin: very versatile and modern multi-layer video environment; popular with theater and live performance artists; free 30-day trial; costs a bunch after that; students get a %60 discount
  • Modul8 [pronounced “modulate”]: popular with VJs; demo version available here
  • Touch Designer: very high end large scale stage performance software; windows only; has a free version with limited capabilities
  • MadMapper: specifically made for complex projection mapping; download demo here

Physical Computing

Below, the list of necessary software for getting started with Max and the Arduino platform using Teensy microcontrollers:

  • Maxdownload and install the latest version for your operating system
  • Arduinodownload and install the latest version for your operating system
  • Teensy [Loader]: download and install the latest version for your operating system, install it
    Teensy [Teensyduino]: download and install the latest version for your operating system
Below is a list of extensions to the Max  environment and steps for installing them:
  • create a folder called “for-Max” in your “Documents” folder.
  • Download all the necessary 3rd party externals and place them in your “for-Max” folder
  • Familiarize yourself with Maxuino and it documentation
  • Start up the Max program which you installed above, run as “Demo” if you must, select “File Preferences…” from the “Options” menu; add the “for-Max” folder to the search path by clicking on the + button and selecting that folder

Windows Only:

  • Download and install the lastest FTDI Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers for your operating system.  Use the “setup executables” that are under the “Comments” column of the table half-way down above page, titled “Currently Supported VCP Drivers”


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