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CNC Routed mold, which was used to cast horns out of polyester casting resin.

Mold Making – Blue Bath Performance

Aisha Tandiwe Bell’s Blue Bath


A performance with multiple casts of the figure and her face.

Mr. Chocolate

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Leaves as Scales as Leaves

Still finishing documentation, need to take some pictures of them on a model.


read more for process


Mold Making – “Dancers”

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photo photo copy

Mold Making- Candles

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Mold-Making Artist

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Mold Making: Sonya Vasquez Wax Artist

Sonya Vasquez is an artist that makes wax figures of real people.  She works with the Wax Museum to amaze replicas of famous people.  She begins by taking a mold of the person.  She takes different molds of each part of the body.  She then fills in the molds with wax.  She pays such close attention to detail, and the figures look very life-like.

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