Assignment #3 assembling with the Laser cutter

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In this assignment you are required to make an object that is assembled out of multiple panels that have been designed on Rhino and cut with the laser cutter.

You will be taking advantage of the laser cutters precision by making press-fit joints in your assembly.  You will be introduced to Rhino but for this assignment we will focus only on 2 dimensional use, using curves and points and lines.


Useful reference tools:

CMU dFAB: Laser Cutting Tutorial

Access Lynda tutorials free via CMU:



Some examples of other objects made using this tool:





  1. Artist Rob Mulholland creates mirrored profiles of life sized humans in forested and urban areas.

    These are made from a high polished stainless steel, so they were likely cut with a water jet cutter, however the same geometry and design processes are used when cutting with the laser cutter and to a certain extent, cnc router.

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