John Brieger: Molding/Casting Inspiration

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I’ve been working a lot recently with fashion and wearables as interactive performance, and right now I’m drawing inspiration from some molded/cast clothing.  Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier have done some great stuff with molding stiff fabrics and leather, as well as a few cast pieces.  (List of designers who have done molded pieces is pretty long, considering almost every leather piece is molded somehow).

I wanted to post up some work by one of my favorite designers, Iris Van Herpen, from her Spring/Summer ’11 collection, which was themed around the crystallization of water.  Most critics consider it her best work.  The collection features a lot of cast transparent resins, designed to look like exploding water frozen in time, as well as 3d printed pieces and a variety of really great uses of leather.


I can put up images of her work all day, but I think this is enough to give you a good general idea.  Also Google exists.

Her Website:

Welcome to Multiples Mini C4

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Those of you who are new students can make your blog posts here.  Please don’t forget the importance of tags.



Mold-Making Artist

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Mold Making: Sonya Vasquez Wax Artist

Sonya Vasquez is an artist that makes wax figures of real people.  She works with the Wax Museum to amaze replicas of famous people.  She begins by taking a mold of the person.  She takes different molds of each part of the body.  She then fills in the molds with wax.  She pays such close attention to detail, and the figures look very life-like.

Remade Documentation of Logo City- Nivetha

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Logo Handcuffs Documentation- Nivetha

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Cookie Cutter Documentation- Nivetha

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Final Project in Rhino – Murphy

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Went on a little street-art expedition with help from Max Gonzales in New York City.
We wheatpasted my Danlars on a few spots in New York.

3D Print

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CNC Tool

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