Laser Project

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Documentation- 3D Print & Lasercut

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Shit Happens

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pickle hierarchy

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3D Printing

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Laser Cut Assignment

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3D Print

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3D Print-Murphy

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Bastard Laser

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Dear Jonathon,

I spent this morning in the Foundry at the Laser Cutter. The Machine has
some sort of error and they are taking it offline to try and fix it. Last
night I printed 48 minutes of my piece but the supervisor kicked me off so
I have to wait for the machine to re-draw everything -_-

they said that they will try and get the machine back online for later
today, but that it might not be functional till tomorrow. I plan on going
back early evening to try and cut again, but I can only hope. Just wanted
to email you to give you a headsup, don’t know if other people are
emailing you or not. Hopefully this won’t be a setback but we’ll see

see you tomorrow in class!

Best wishes,



I tried to email you but it says your email doesn’t exist….

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