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Laser Cutter Assignment

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Waste Cave

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Laser Cutting – Wearable Sketches


“As with a lot of design work, sometimes the most interesting aspect is the sketch before the final product. Recent graduate and fashion designer Elvira ‘t Hart’s latest collection aims to translate those beastly 2D sketches to garments.”

Laser Cut Art

Eric Standley creates stained glass windows with laser cut paper.  They are inspired by Gothic and Islamic structures.

Lasercutting Textiles Inspiration

I’m thinking about lasercutting and paper/origami for wearables use, so here are some images along that vein

A friend of mine (Alex Wolfe) did a big project last year with laser-cut origami wearables that I really loved, and there are some really cool ways to lasercut perforations to fold paper along.

More on that project here:

Lots more photos if you click more:


Final Project

I used the laser cutter for my final project, there is a video that goes with it, I have posted the link to VIMEO below.

video here (Copy and paste into browser):

Stills posted below:


Laser Cut Assignment

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