Mold Making Final Project

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Laser Cut

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Gothic style works
Laser Cut Steel
I really admire very elaborate gothic architecture. This series of Wim Delvoye interests me because of the extremely intricate details the laser cutter is able to capture to create a larger form.

Birch Tree- Murphy =(

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3D Printed Ceramics

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This article is about a ceramic company called Figulo which utilizes 3D printers to create their ceramic products.

Caspar Berger Prints his skeleton

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This articles talks about a dutch artist named Caspar Berger who took scans of his body in order to get an accurate 3d reproduction of his skeleton.  Each bone is unique to the person to it is very important that the bones be exact replicas. After  printing the skeleton, Berger sent his 3d skull print to an expert in facial reconstruction and had them remake his face on the skull. The reconstructors were not able to see the artist’s face and were only given his ethnicity and age to go by.

I really respect Berger’s use of this technology and taking advantage of the fact that technology and 3d printing can help him print things that were impossible ten years ago. He really commands the media and its interesting to see his innovative approach with using a 3d printer.

Using 3D printing for the FUTURE!!

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This article talks about a new application for the 3d printers we saw in class. In the article they reference how the printer has been used for food like chocolate, and I remember us seeing videos on 2 artists that make jelly using the printer. The validity of this article relates to the constant evolution of 3d printing. As time changes and technology is becoming more and more developed, who knows what new art forms can come out of 3d printing, and the materials that 3d printers can use to create art. Personally I’m very excited about 3d printing and hope one day that 3d printers will be able to print on a molecular level so that they flawlessly recreate past pieces of art.

3D Printing

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Eyal Gever

Although this artist doesn’t utilize 3D scanning, this works mainly incorporate 3D animation software and 3D printing.
I am interested in Eyal Gever’s works because he uses 3D printing to create ephemeral moments. Moments that usually cannot stay in that position for a long duration such as the motion of water falling. I am interested in organic vs. inorganic theme, I think in many of his works this concept is present.

3D Printing

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I’m interested in this 3D print article about an architect who used the medium to create an ‘endless house’ because i’m interested in space. I plan to incorporate the use of space and architecture within my 3d print as well.

Assignment #2 3D scanning and printing

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For this assignment you are required to make a 3D scan of a small object, and then print it out using a  3D printer.   Ideally, I would like you to scan the object that you also made a silicone mold of so that you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of each process.  I would also like you to scale the 3D prints to a significantly smaller size than the original.  One of the advantages of making a 3D print is that we can alter the scale quite easily, wheras the silicone mold process only gives you an exact replica.

Some useful, relevant and interesting links are below.!__kitchenalia/cookie-cutters×350.jpg



Rachel Whiteread

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In several of her works, Rachel Whiteread is “unwalling” architecture by casting the negative of the wall i.e. the space framed by the walls.
For House (1993), she casted an entire Victorian house in London printing all the details of the original walls in the concrete. She then destroyed them letting the concrete negative as a final result.



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