3D Printed Cosplay

Most Awesome 3D Printed Cosplay


I found our discussion on cosplay during the final crit to be quite funny.

Here’s an awesome example of how 3D Printing, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears can be used to make a really incredible sculpture. I mean cosplay.


3D Printed Spires




Modeled from a 3D scan of clay spires, then inserted into Rhino and multiplied. Printed with ABS plastic.


Documentation5 Documentation4 Documentation3



CNC Routed mold, which was used to cast horns out of polyester casting resin.

Mold Making – Blue Bath Performance

Aisha Tandiwe Bell’s Blue Bath





A performance with multiple casts of the figure and her face.

Faux Rocks

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Mold Making – “Dancers”

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photo photo copy

The Locked Locks

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replaced replaced2 replaced3 replaced4 replaced5

Casting Example

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She created an instillation using casts of boxes in translucent polyethylene

Mold-Making Artist

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Mold Making: Sonya Vasquez Wax Artist

Sonya Vasquez is an artist that makes wax figures of real people.  She works with the Wax Museum to amaze replicas of famous people.  She begins by taking a mold of the person.  She takes different molds of each part of the body.  She then fills in the molds with wax.  She pays such close attention to detail, and the figures look very life-like.

Mold Making-Brita Filter

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I had originally purely wanted to make an object that would originally not be able to float, to float. Although my final project did produce this outcome, I noticed that a different concept could be associated with this work. I decided to link this work to the idea of the shortage of clean water on earth. Upon doing more research i noticed that humans have polluted, diverted and allowed fresh water to be contaminated by seawater, along with the global warming dilemma melting the fresh water ice caps.

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