Assignment #4 What a tool

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What a tool!
For this assignment you will use the CNC router to create a device that allows you to make multiples.   For this assignment, the tool we are learning is not what produces multiple objects for us.

Examples of these kinds of tools are:

table saw jig for cutting acute angles:
Violin jigs:
Wire jigs:
Simple wooden looms:




Making joints with a cnc router:

Tool Library:

Rhino cam video tutorials:

Former CMU graduate Gregory Witt:

Some useful commands for this assignment:
planarsrf: transforms curves into surfaces
extrudesrf: extrudes surfaces that can create depth in your design.  surfaces can be joined to form solid shapes.
backgroundbitmap: can allow you to introduce an image in rhino that you can then trace over.
interpcrv: allows you to trace over the image and create a curve.  


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    Comment by zoe ambinder — May 14, 2013 @ 4:26 pm

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