Two Chairs/Conversation Part 2: “Melting of the Minds” by Lauren Valley (2013)

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“Melting of the Minds” features a conversation between a mentally unstable man and his eight year old daughter. For this piece, I chose to focus more on the internal elements of the characters rather than on their obvious external features (ex. flowers representing the daughter, or tethers indicative of a strait jacket for the father); instead, I chose what I thought to be a good display of their internal structures.

The daughter’s egg-shaped chair was made to symbolize her youth and purity along with her withholding of judgement of her father’s condition. On the other hand, the father’s chair was created using more broken lines and cage-like elements, showing how even though his body is bound, the father’s mind is free (shown by some of the loose spinal elements holding the chair together).

The pictures above tell a story within itself of a reunion between the father and the daughter.


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