1 IDO Effort

— Ali Momeni @ 9:17 pm


Henry Darger (b. 1892 in USA)

Conlon Nancarrow (b. in USA)

Richard Serra (b. 1939 in USA)
James Leroy Acord (b. 1944 in USA, d.  2011)
Anselm Kiefer (b. 1945 in Germany)

Marina Abramović (b. 1946 in Serbia)

Bruce Bickford (b. 1947 in Seattle, USA)
Brothers Quay (b. 1947 in USA)
Adrian Piper (b. 1948 in NYC)
Zbigniew Rybczyński (b. 1949 in Poland)
Tehching Hsieh (b. 1950, NanjhouPingtung CountyTaiwan)
Xu Bing (b. 1955 in China)
Ai Weiwei (b. 1957 in China)
 Ronald “Ron” Mueck (b. 1958 in Australia)
Doug Cooper (b. 19xx in xx)
Dalton Ghetti (b. 1961 in Brazil)
Tracy Emin (b. 1963 in Croydon, UK)
Takashi Murakami (b. 1963 in Japan)
Janine Antoni (b. 1964 in Bahamas)
Nezaket Ekici (b. 1970 in Turkey)

Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971 in Constantine, Algeria) 

David Altmejd (b. 1974 in Quebec, Canada)
Blu (b. 19xx in Italy)
Tabaimo (b. 1975 in Japan)
Olek or  Agata Oleksiak (b. 1978 in Polland)
Justin R. Stewart (b. 1980 in Wisconsin, USA)
  • 2am-2pm [2008]

Diana Al-Hadid (b. 1981 in AleppoSyria)

  • Suspended After Image (on Viz) [2012]




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