Simulated Nature: “The Widow” by Lauren Valley (2013)

CNC Router,Final Project,Rhino3D,Student Work — Lauren Valley @ 4:48 am

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“The Widow” conveys a scene set in the distant future in which humans must adapt to survive in the harsh polluted world. At birth, these future humans are fitted with neural receptive spider limbs that aid them in crossing rough terrain unharmed. But like these physical adaptions, the future humans are also mentally superior, so much so that younger people are starting to fully understand their startling reality, and suicide is becoming more and more common in younger children. “The Widow” showcases a typical future suicide case in which this young girl attempted to dig her spider limbs out of her back in order to feel the freedom of walking unaided at least once before passing.

I would like to thank everyone that helped me in the (often time consuming) process of moving, setting up, and disposing of my piece.



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