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— Ali Momeni @ 9:49 pm

Momeni Assignment 1 Screen Shot

Description: This assignment entails a simple box to be cut by a laser cutter.

Material: 1/8″ acrylic plexi

File: momeni_assignment-1.3dm


The above post is a sample entry for submitting an assignment that includes a Rhino file.  Please respect the following guidelines:

  1. Include at least one screen shot; choose the most informative transport/perspective
  2. Complete the “caption” field of the image
  3. Regardless of the original size of the screenshot, choose the “Medium” (300 pixels wide) preview, chose “center” justification
  4. Insert rhino file (exported as “Rhino 4 3DM file”) at the bottom of the entry
  5. Complete the “Caption” field and include a a short description of the assignment (one paragraph maximum) in the “Description” field of the attached Rhino file
  6. If applicable, indicate the material for the design


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