Tool of Persuasion/Larger Than Life: “Disillusion” by Joanne Lee (2013)





Disillusion was inspired by the poem Shrinking Women by Lily Myers.

How Light/Shadow Works

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Two Chairs/Conversation Part 2: “State-of-the-Art Virus” by Miranda Jacoby (2013)

IMG_3062 IMG_3150 IMG_3149 IMG_3136 IMG_3125 IMG_3088 IMG_3073 IMG_3099 glitch chair

Two Chairs and a Conversatoin: “There are two stools in this room” by Will Taylor (2013)

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stool3For this piece, one stool will be placed in a room. As a participant enters the room, I will tell them there are two stools in the room that they must find. One of the stools does not exist. From there on, I will track the movement of the participant throughout the environment. The piece contains several conversations, one of which being the conversation between the participant and the environment. Once I have gathered enough data, I will create a visual representation of participants’ interaction with the physical stool and the environment.

Laser Cutter Example: -Untitled- by Briony Cloke

Laser-cut-3This piece was made by laser cutting holes into plywood, then laser cutting the shape of a butterfly. The piece was then mounted onto glass, which creates depth by adding shadows and reflections.

Laser Cutter Example “Emily Gray” by Heritage Inlay Design

Emily GrayThe piece was made by cutting each value in a different color acrylic. The artist then layered the acrylic to form the image. This is similar to printmaking.


Laser Cutter Example: “untitled” by Scott Campbell

Laser-cut-1This piece was created by laser cutting a design into 1 dollar bills. The bills were then stacked to form a layered image. The image of Jesus cut into money is very impactful to the viewer.

Laser Cutter Example: “Hand Bowl” by Penfold Merton (2012)

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This piece is a combination of two things commonly used for the act of holding: a hand, and a bowl. It was digitally modeled through a combination of Poser, Blender, and Autodesk 123D Make, and then laser cut into 40 layers of interlocking birch plywood.


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