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  1. To make a 3d paper pattern
    studio computer lab open 9-6 on Friday

    1. Download the image from google warehouse
    2. Open rhino
    3. Import the image to rhino
    4. Select the object and export selected as .obj wave front .obj
    5. Export option polygons, not curves, save as separate files if you need to
    6. Work in inches
    7. To make the object less round
    8. Open –
    9. Click rebuild
    10. Degree 1
    11. When exporting use as few as possible polygons
    12. Open pepacura
    13. Import and decide if you need to flip
    14. Apply unfold
    15. Save as _____
    16. Under print and settings you can adjust the paper, and which lines are printed
    17. Laser cutter likes flat vector files.
    18. Export as .dfx for printing
    19. Reopen in rhino and save with default extension
    20. Use drop box folder
    21. Dh folder then laser cutter folder and save image to that

    When printing
    1. For cuts = 8% for laser at 31% speed
    2. For folds =5% for laser at 41% speed

    This is the user name and password if necessary
    22. dhc308 =password
    23. das = user

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