Two Chairs and a Conversation Part I: “Body Talk” by Maryyann Landlord (2013)

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“Body Talk” describes communication between two people without words, and instead, with the human body. Dance is a form of highly expressive and emotional conversation. It is a type of communication that allows observers to understand the dancers’ conversation without hearing the thoughts of the performers. Their fluid movements embody their thoughts. The changes in distance between the partners, the pace of the dance, the length of the dance, the moves and exaggerations can all be interpreted as an abstract version of talking.

The research behind this project involved browsing through various pictures of contemporary chairs and contemporary dances. I wanted to first find a correlation between the two contemporary topics. One of the interesting modern designs that caught my attention was a chair made of pure perpendicular intersections on a spine.The shape of the chair is created through variations in each thin shape inserted into the spine. Inspired by that idea, I wanted to incorporate it into my design.

The female dancer is portrayed by the chair with a single simple curve, while the male is portrayed by the multiple curved line. For my design, I wanted the seat of the chair have an illusion of floating in midair, similar to the lightness of the dancers they represent.

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    choosing “cnc router” as category makes it seem like you think this prototype was made with a cnc router; please change to laser cutter

    Comment by Ali momeni — November 17, 2013 @ 9:43 pm

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