Imaginary Landscape: “Project: O2” by Lauren Valley (2013)

Laser Cutter,Student Work — Lauren Valley @ 4:45 pm






P2 (2)


P7 (1)

“Project: O2” showcases a hypothetical world in the year 2098 where urbanization has taken over. Throughout the years, the rain forest has slowly been destroyed and natural environments have been obliterated by man. But despite this grim future, there have been steps taken to resist the environmental destruction–laboratories like the one show above have been created to produce artificial trees that yield a fresh supply of synthetic air.

The darker lab walls were used to show contrast to the clear, hopeful (and partially-rusted) tree, and the dead looking leaves were used to really highlight the bleak situation the fictional world is enduring. The clear, sleek acrylic was used to give the laboratory and the man-made tree a futuristic look. Overall, this piece contains 199 pieces, including both acrylic parts and paper leaves. This seemingly incomplete number was chosen specifically to show how progress in the fictional world is being made; however, there is still some way to go before the world becomes, in a sense, whole again.


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