Imaginary Landscapes: “Night Falls for the Great Behemoth” by Luca Damasco (2013)


"Night Falls for the Great Behemoth" (Shot 1)

"Night falls for the Great Behemoth" (Shot 2)

"Night Falls for the Great Behemoth" (Shot 3)


“Night Falls for the Great Behemoth” is meant to symbolize the powers at be engulfing the lower masses in a cloud of weak mindedness and despair. Primarily through the use of varying light levels and degrees of hot and cold, each image attempts to develop an increasingly overarching sense of power. This continues until we are only left with the system, autonomously progressing, without any input from the collective. Masonite and cardboard both create stable structures, however the Masonite, in addition to being cut much larger, creates a more dominant and powerful connection than the cardboard. Smooth swooping etching on the main structure and hard angled etching on the small structures are juxtaposed to develop emotion. In total my work used 225 pieces, representing the brainwashing message of Orwell’s 1984  2 + 2 = 5.


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