Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Description,Submission — mvarner @ 6:01 pm

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Final Project — Zhen Geng @ 5:59 pm

I Only Have Eyes For You [Final Project Proposal]

Assignment,Description,Final Project — miles @ 5:45 pm

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Mid-Semester Report — Tags: — scheung3 @ 5:40 pm

Mystery Box

Final Project Plan Presentation

Assignment,Description,Final Project,Projection — racheljpark @ 3:16 pm

Design Assignment 4: Engineer vs. Artist

Assignment,Robotics — racheljpark @ 10:15 pm

Design assignment 4: Box1

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.46.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.44.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.44.16 AM

Design Assignment 4: Robot’s communication—Visible & Invisible Signals

Assignment,Hardware,Sensors,Systems Thinking — Zhen Geng @ 11:32 am



Originally based on Braitenberg vehicles ( Braitenberg, V. (1984). Vehicles: Experiments in synthetic psychology. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press), those robot drive their wheels according to the signal from the light sensors.

By adding the wireless communication, the robots can partly know each other’s information and change their movement and LED brightness to create visible signal. The wireless signal and the visible signal creates an feedback loop. Thus, by just applying each individual with simple rules  we can observe complex behaviors that presents by the collection.

Design Assignment 4: Action at a Distance [Madeleine + Miles]

Assignment,Submission — miles @ 2:38 am

Telepresence Robot – Job Bedford

Assignment — jbedford @ 6:18 pm

In this project, a robot intervenes in public and attempts to have casual conversation with people. Unscripted and unrehearsed, we observe peoples natural reactions to robots and how the dynamics of dialog and interactions play out.

I am puppeteering this robot for a hidden location. People are unaware if this robot is autonomous or tele-operated.


Telepresence: I am able to semi-transfer my person through this robot. Using a fat shark vision system, I see what the robots camera sees. Using a wireless speaker system, the robot speaks what I speak. With remote controlled mobile system I can move the robot to where I would go.
This enables me to interact with people through the disguise of a robot.

“Robots allow you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.”
With this robot, I can harass people, talk to complete strangers, use pickup lines on girls, scare little children, sell chocolate, and cause public disruption. I can do all this without punishment or reprimand. Robots are perceived as infallible innocent creatures.

People don’t know how to react. Robot takes upon a character of a curios innocent looking to make friends, explore, and initiate conversation.

Choice Interactions [with video time]:
– Waking up a sleeping person form a nap.[6:15]
– Accidentally terrifying a 8-year-old. [2:48]
– Flattering a girl, then pursuing her. [5:06]
– selling two chocolate bars. (“Am i really about to buy a chocolate bar off this robot right now? Do i need this experience in my life?”) [3:46]
– Catching a girl talking on a phone off-guard (“I think a robot is talking to me….A robot is bothering me”) [1:45]
– Repetitively running into a wall [5:48]

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