“H$NG K$NG” by GRL (2007)

Artists,Projection,Reference — mvarner @ 2:52 pm

The Graffiti Research Lab took their infamous L.A.S.E.R. Tag light graffiti system to Hong Kong to stage an intervention to support the Students for a Free Tibet. Read More

“Seventh Sense” by Ultra Combos(2011)

Artists,Projection,Reference — racheljpark @ 2:49 pm

This piece shows how an illusion created by a projection that can be used in conjunction with performances. Rather than projection existing as part of a scenic design, it functions as one of the elements for a performance. Both the dancers and the projection exaggerate each other.


“Comment Card” by F.A.T. Lab (2013)

Projection,Reference — mvarner @ 2:45 pm

Fast and dirty, Kyle McDonald teaches you how to disrupt information by creating ad-hoc projections with cardstock and a flashlight in order to respond, augment and provocate the world around you. Read More

“Interactive Urban Projection” by MediaLab(2011)

Artists,Projection,Reference — racheljpark @ 2:41 pm

Interactive Urban Projection in Amsterdam on developed by students of the MediaLAB and EscaptionLAB. The documentation of this piece was not only able to just function as showing what the piece looks like, but it was also successful in showing how the public reacted and interacted with the piece.

More here.

“Imo” by Mariantönios (2012)

Artists,Projection,Reference — racheljpark @ 2:36 pm

This is a documentation of urban projection by Mariantonios. Instead of a creating a projection that serves as a stationary sculpture, Mariantonis created an animation that emphasizes on the element of movement. Mariantonios describes the group as “a zine, created in early 2010, that complies in a book expressions and thoughts of young artists.”   more here

“On the Red” by Stain (2010)

Artists,Projection,Reference,Technique — miles @ 1:12 pm

“On the Red” was a large scale architectural projection commissioned by the MIGZ International Festival of Modern Music and Media Art. The projection invokes Russian abstract art with its use of bold, vibrant forms. The documentation video was filmed with forced perspective such that the forms appear to be three-dimensional. Additionally, the projection includes the MIGZ festival’s logo, and titles of posts from butdoesitfloat.com; Stain calls these messages “signs of the digital age.”

More here.


“Mirrsaic – Now” by Prokop Bartoníček (2012)

Artists,Projection,Reference — miles @ 12:39 pm

Over a period of several hours, geometric light-shapes move across a wall. For a brief moment, they overlap to spell the word “NOW”. Bartoníček and his collaborators used sunlight and mirrors to achieve this effect. Much like a sundial, this work considers how light functions in time. To that end, Bartoníček astutely points out that readily available lighting and design technologies have produced art that is “often oblivious to the basic rules of light, time and space.”   

More here.

“The Tree That Blinked” by Karel Beta (2012)

Artists,Instrument,Projection,Reference — Ayo Olubeko @ 2:39 am

Karel created this piece as a response to a challenge from Jonathan Ross as part of the “Faces and Traces” exhibition of self-portraits at the 286 Gallery in London.

“Capitol Hill Block Party” by Sensebellum (2013)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Ayo Olubeko @ 2:33 am

Sensebellum transformed a block in Capitol Hill into an immersive urban theatre by projection video feeds of performers and concert goes onto different buildings and floors. The projections were synced to the beat and pacing of each song. More info here

“NYE LA” by Akiko Yamashita (2013)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Ayo Olubeko @ 2:27 am

Akiko Yamashita and some of his friends basically took over the city hall building in Los Angeles to ring in the New Year. There is not a lot more information on the process behind the video, but his website is available here.

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