“Missing: An Interactive installation” by Aramique Krauthamer and Kyle McDonald(2012)

Artists,Instrument,Robotics — Ayo Olubeko @ 10:12 pm

The piece was created for the english indie band, The XX. It consists of a room full of stepper motor controlled Sonos speakers that pivot to follow listeners as they move through the space. More info here

“Vincent & Emily” by Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler and Carolin Liebl(2013)

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Vincent and emily are two self-willed robots designed to explore solitude of a partner relationship and their impulses. The robots capture sounds and movement via sensors and react on those signals with their own expressions. More info here

“Void” by Wit Pimkanchanapong (2013)

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Void  is a large scale mechanical structure that uses 8 synchronized suspended winches to produce light paintings over the public parking lot in Nagoya, Japan. The piece was inspired by Jurg Lehni’s printer mechanic sculpture. More info here

“Artists, Robots, Simultaneous Portraits” by Alex Kiessling (2013)

Artists,Instrument,Robotics — Ayo Olubeko @ 9:52 pm

In this piece, Viennese artist Alex Kiessling creates three artworks simultaneously in three European cities with the help of two robots. The final result is three independent, yet connected pieces that can be regarded as a global work. More info here

“Juggling Humanoid Robot” by Disney (2012)

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“The Most Useless Machine” by Anonomous (2009)

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even more…

“Fua-men” by AISEI (2009)

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“Rotundus” by Robot Dalen (2008)

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“The Singing Heads” by Nathaniel Mellors(2009)

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This is a kinetic sculpture by Nathaniel Mellors. It only moves, but it also makes sounds. As the audience experiences this piece, they hear words”freedom” from three heads. It is quite indistinguishable if they are serenading freedom, or asking for their freedom. Uncanny feeling comes from the object looking very realistic. The piece was displayed with a price tag with $75000. more here.

-I had a hard time finding the original title of this piece

“Partner Robot” by Toyota (2007)

Reference,Robotics — racheljpark @ 5:08 pm

This violin-playing robot was made by Toyota. Toyota has been putting a lot of effort into creating robots that can provide support in the field of medical need and work around the house. Looking at these humanoid robots, the boundaries of what robots actually do and what humans do become questionable. It is more difficult to make and program the robots to play violin than a person to learn how to play a violin. As audiences watch the robot performing, it is unavoidable to look at this robot as a human. People become unsure if the robot is actually playing a violin or if it just a machine that is programmed.

More Here.

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