“Quadcopter Ghost” by FreiGuy57 (2012)

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This is a quadcopter with a little Halloween modification. To see more of his work go here.

“Humper” by Frank Garvey (1994)

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Artist (and former STUDIO for Creative Inquiry research fellow) Frank Garvey describes “Humper” as a “robotic whore”. He says that a 20,000 volt stungun circuit is embedded in her “genitals”, and that “she knows how to sell it but she don’t come cheap”. It’s worth noting that Version 2 of the robot began at Carnegie Mellon University in 1999.

More here.

Video of “Humper” in action.


“Tweenbots” by Kacie Kinzer (2009)

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The Tweetbots are cardboard robots that travel in straight lines. They depend on the help of pedestrians in order to get to their destination. According to creator Kacie Kinzer, not one Tweenbot was lost or damage. This points to our capacity to empathize with personified, non-living objects. I wonder if the project would have been as successful with faceless robots.    

More here.

“Spider Tank”by Friedrich von Schoor (2012)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Flora @ 5:26 pm

German ARt student turns building in to Spider tank. For the article on this piece go here.

“LUX” by Julian Jungel (2013)

Artists,Projection — mvarner @ 5:25 pm

LUX is an interactive urban projection that lets pedestrians in  Stuttgart, Germany, gesture wildly to add large splotches of colored light onto the building. Read More

“Main Studio” by Image Projection (Unknown Year)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Flora @ 5:21 pm

This is a company that will project your logo or campaign wherever you want. For more information go here.

“Digital Disney Parade” by Disney Infinity (2013)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Flora @ 5:13 pm

Disney projected caracters 260 feet up on the sides of buildings in the UK. For more information go here.

“Pool Party” by Red Paper Heart (2013)

Artists,Projection,Reference — mvarner @ 5:06 pm

Red Paper Heart made a swimming pool a viable projection surface by dumping over 65,000 ping pong balls into it. Swimmers are able to glide through animated light. Read More

“Bear Grylls Pyrotechnic 3D Video-Mapping” by Projection Advertising (unknown year)

Artists,Projection,Reference — Flora @ 4:49 pm

TV adventurer Bear Grylls abseils down Battersea Power Station amidst 3D mapped flames and pyrotechnics to promote his new series, ‘Escape From Hell’. for more information about the group look here.

“The Missing Stone” by Yoav David (2011)

Artists,Projection,Reference — racheljpark @ 4:39 pm

It is a projection that is specific to an architectural structure. By choosing a building before the video, the artist was able to change the structure into an architectural sculpture. The artist described this piece as “a story-telling architectural projection”.

More here.

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