Final Project -Emergent Behavior of Robotcars





Each car run the similar code and can be assign different role with different behavior wirelessly by the computer.

Emergent Behavior of Robotcars from Chen Geng on Vimeo.

Final Project Proposal

Assignment,Final Project — Zhen Geng @ 5:59 pm

Design Assignment 4: Robot’s communication—Visible & Invisible Signals

Assignment,Hardware,Sensors,Systems Thinking — Zhen Geng @ 11:32 am



Originally based on Braitenberg vehicles ( Braitenberg, V. (1984). Vehicles: Experiments in synthetic psychology. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press), those robot drive their wheels according to the signal from the light sensors.

By adding the wireless communication, the robots can partly know each other’s information and change their movement and LED brightness to create visible signal. The wireless signal and the visible signal creates an feedback loop. Thus, by just applying each individual with simple rules  we can observe complex behaviors that presents by the collection.

Mondo Spider by eatART (2006)

Robotics — Zhen Geng @ 3:41 pm

The Mondo Spider is a collaborative contemporary art project that challenges the dominant perception of locomotion, energy and power through the process of creating and exhibiting a 1,500lb 8-legged electro-mechanical walking vehicle. Coupled with our 3kW solar array, Mondo Spider is regularly exhibited internationally with the aim of inspiring awe and wonder. Read more

Ladies and Gents by Nanda K & Patrick T (2010)

CNC Router,Robotics — Zhen Geng @ 3:35 pm

Artists and programmers in the UK have decided to improve upon the male and female symbols outside many toilet facilities. They’ve developed a set of robotic arms that take pictures of people entering into a bathroom and then use that image to create a unique drawing to place outside the door. It then wipes away this art to make room for the next person’s caricature. Read more

Water Calligraphy Device by Nicholas Hanna (2011)

Robotics — Zhen Geng @ 1:34 pm

Nicholas Hanna demonstrates how his customised tricycle mimics the Chinese custom of writing temporary messages on the road with water.Read more

PatrolBot Mark II by Steve Norris (2012)

OpenCV,Robotics,Sensors — Zhen Geng @ 1:28 pm

Steve Norris sets out to create an outdoor robot that would use all metal construction and include a suspension system. Being relegated to the great outdoors he also wanted to give it some harmless (but fun) defensive capabilities as well. In honor of it predecessor he is naming this robot PatrolBot Mark II. And with its suspension and defensive systems he now have a robot that can smooth out the bumps and kick butt all at the same time.Read more

Interactive Robotic Painting Machine by Benjamin Grosser(2011)

Artists,CNC Router,Robotics — Zhen Geng @ 1:20 pm

This machine uses artificial intelligence to paint its own body of work and to make its own decisions. While doing so, it listens to its environment and considers what it hears as input into the painting process. In the absence of someone or something else making sound in its presence, the machine, like many artists, listens to itself. Read more.


Design Assignment 2: Leaves’ Chalk Outlines

Assignment,Submission — Zhen Geng @ 5:41 pm

Urban Intervention – Leaves Chalk Outlines from ZhenGeng on Vimeo.

I walked along the fifth avenue’s sidewalk drawing fallen leaves’ chalk outlines.

Design Assignment 1: Observing the Sidewalk of Fifth Ave.(near Bigelow)

Assignment,Submission — Zhen Geng @ 5:38 pm

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