“The ADA Project” by Conrad Shawcross (2014)

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This piece by British artist Conrad Shawcross created the ADA Project in Australia, which consists of four musical compositions that complement this robotic light show. The robot consists of an art with halogen lights at the end that move in an aesthetically pleasing choreographed way. Shawcross was inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage.

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“Robot Bartenders” by Ben Schaefer (2013)

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German engineer Ben Schaefer has created a bartender robot named Carl that can measure liquor and add it to shakers and even communicate. This advancement in technology foreshadows the use of robots in service jobs.

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“Bugs Draw For Me” by Harvey Moon (2013)

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Harvey Moon created robotic drawing machines that create and illustrate things by removing the human hand. This specific piece is controlled by a cricket’s movement.

More information here.

“SPAXELS / KLANGWOLKE” by Ars Electronica (2012)

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Ars Electronica created an intricate light show using quadcopters. Their use of coordinated motion created an ethereal mood that would confuse and wow the audience.

More information here.

“Orville the Flying Cat” by Bart Jansen (2012)

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After Bart Jansen’s cat died he had it taxidermied and then transformed into a flying cat. This simple and admittedly sad use of a quadcopter is a comical way to approach topics of life and death and relationships between humans and animals.

More information here.

“Urban Flipper” by Fête des Lumiere (2011)

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This large-scale projection turns the facade of a building into an interactive pin-ball machine. By incorporating the original architecture of the building, they succeed in making it almost blend in with the environment.

More information here.

“Isam” by Amon Tobin (2012)

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Amon Tobin ‘ISAM’ Live (Extended Trailer) from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

These high-quality audio/visual shows began as music concerts with DJ Amon Tobin. However, they soon became an immersive all-encompassing experience with large projections onto enormous structures.


More information here.

“MQ10” by URBANSCREEN (2011)

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These architectural distortions are intriguing ways to temporarily interfere with an place. They give an air of destruction at the beginning, and then turn into a narrative about human expressiveness.


More information here.

“Kreisrot” by URBANSCREEN (2009)

KREISROT | Bauhaus Dessau | facade projection from URBANSCREEN on Vimeo.


This urban projection was performed in Dessau, Germany. It plays with light and the way that buildings change depending on the placement of the sun. It brings daylight into the night time, and shows how much our perception is changed just by light.


More information here.

“The Light Cycle Street Projections” by Urban Projections (2013)

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Roaming the Streets Image


This moving bicycle projects animated digital graffiti onto buildings and streets. The mobile street art machine transforms areas and is considered a “guerrilla” projection.


More information here.

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