“Time Tilings” by Pablo Valbuena (2013)

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time tilings [stuk] from pablo valbuena on Vimeo.

“Time Tilings” is a series of four site-specific interventions created for the Artefact festival. These interventions project light onto floors, extending existing tile patterns to stark, line-based animations. Unlike some of the more theatrical projections we’ve looked at, this one shows a great deal of sensitivity in the way it modifies the existing architectural context; it heightens the tile-work, but does not overpower it.

I found a fascinating text on Valbuena’s website called  “Projection – Injection – Incision. About Pablo Valbuena’s ‘Extension Series‘”. It describes Valbuena’s work as follows:      

Like an architect, he draws lines to expand this space. This way, he unites the actual and the virtual in one and the same reality.

More info here.

Note also that Valbuena showed a projection work called “para-site” at the Mattress Factory in 2011.


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