Systems Part I (2014) by Hannah Gaskill

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In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
One person begins conversation (either myself or someone else) What was said is processed Response from other person Interpretation of Response Who I am talking to

Waking Up

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Alarm sounds Snooze Button Alarm Sounds Either snooze again or wake up How much I have to do that day

Going to Sleep

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel tired Put on pajamas Get in bed Fall asleep How early I have to wake up

Calling Mom

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Call Tell her about my life She responds to what I said I analyze her input How shitty I feel when I call

Getting Dressed

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Look in closet See what is clean Change five times Pick something Who I plan on seeing that day


In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel hungry Look in fridge See what hasn’t expired Eat what is not expired How hungry I feel

Learning a new song on the ukulele

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Look at tabs Sort through to find easiest variation Play over and over and over Memorized chords How much I actually like the song I’m learning

Deciding to get a haircut

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Feel like my hair is too long Debate in my mind whether or not it’s worth the money Decide I can’t stand it anymore Get haircut How bored I am with my self


In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Get assigned homework Go home and do everything but homework Eventually run out of things to do that aren’t homework Do homework What class it’s for/when it’s due

Panic Attack

In Process Out Feedback Leverage Point
Have an awkward social encounter Think for hours about how awkward it was Feel trapped inside my brain Go for a walk and smoke cigarettes Who was involved in the awkward encounter


10 Systems by Nicholas Sardo (2014)

1) Skating as transportation (I skate pretty much everywhere instead of walking)

Input: Need to go somewhere

Output: Arriving quickly

Feedback: Being able to skate faster, deal with obstacles

Change: Walk everywhere


2)Drinking coffee

Input: Being busy and an insomniac leading to lack of sleep

Output: Feeling like I can function much better

Feedback: Figuring out the optimal amount of coffee to have in a day

Change: Keep detailed records of my coffee consumption and plan exact times to consume it


3) Djing parties

Input: Wanting to make people dance and enjoy themselves/myself

Output: People enjoying the music/enjoying the music myself

Feedback: Improving music choice and mixing ability

Change: Mix only genres of music that I’ve never played live before


4) Working with spray paint

Input: Wanting to produce large spray paint pieces

Output: Making pieces I like

Feedback: Practicing can control, improving technique, letting medium dictate concepts

Change: Only spray paint with the can upside down


5) Dealing with stress/intense life events

Input: Feeling stressed or “bad”

Output: Feeling better

Feedback: Improving general mental wellness by letting go of things, not procrastinating

Change: Stop drinking, only deal with things using meditation


6) Dealing with insomnia

Input: Not being able to sleep

Output: Finally sleeping

Feedback: Figuring out better ways to fall asleep reliably

Change: Only use melatonin instead of other substances, shut off all electronics an hour before bed


7) Staying in touch with parents

Input: Parents want to talk fairly often

Output: Parents are happy, I get to not be separated from my family

Feedback: Plan certain times to talk

Change: Video chat with parents in the middle of the week (when I would normally least want to)


8) How I carry things I need

Input: Needing to transport items

Output: Having access to many things

Feedback: Getting better backpacks, carefully choosing what I bring with me when I leave my house

Change: Don’t use any kind of container, including pockets, only carry things in my hands


9) Doing class assignments

Input: Getting an assignment

Output: Completing assignment

Feedback: Improving how I work, doing things sooner

Change: Not let myself work on a piece the night before it’s due, it all has to be done before then


10) How I go to the bathroom

Input: Needing to pee

Output: Successfully peeing

Feedback: Not waiting until I really, REALLY need to pee

Change: Only peeing outside


Systems Part II – Angelina Namkung ( 2014)

Assignment,Systems Thinking — Tags: , , — Angelina Namkung @ 9:20 pm

Part II of the Systems Procedure was to choose an everyday procedure and turn it around, pushing it further in the opposite direction.  I decided to switch to using my left hand instead of my dominant right hand to go through a day.  This forced me to really focus on menial tasks which usually don’t take much thought such as dressing and eating.  Using my left hand, generally increased the effort for each and every task throughout the day.


10 systems – Angelina Namkung ( 2014)

Assignment,Systems Thinking — Tags: , — Angelina Namkung @ 6:49 pm

1.  indoor v. outdoor


2. text v. in-person

IMG_8643 IMG_8661

3. digital time v. watch

IMG_8666 IMG_8668

4. careful v. careless

IMG_8674 IMG_8686

5. chopstick v. fork



6. lens v. glasses


7. typing v. writing


8. reusable v. disposable



9. traditional v. unconventional


10. Using left hand for all major functions throughout the day, to really focus on what I am doing, and putting more effort into each and every action.


List of Systems – Swetha Kannan ( 2014 )

Here is a list of systems in my life. Underneath each system I have also added ways in which I can mess up the system by changing something about the feedback:

  1. Cooking:
    Input: Hunger
    Output: Satisfaction
    Feedback: Talent/skill
    Other Factors: Diet, time, peopleCook dishes have never cooked before for a day
    Only cook what I can make within 5 minutes.
    Assemble all pics of food I have eaten over the past few years (I always take pics of new things I eat/ cook)
  2. Communication:
    Input: Necessity
    Output: Knowledge gained or given
    Feedback: Urgency
    Other Factors: intelligence, language, personal vs. professionalRespond to all email, text, etc, that I receive within a day
    Speak with a thick Indian accent for a day
  3. Religion
    Input: Belief
    Output: Tradition
    Feedback: Passion
    Other Factors: Family, culture, time, dedicationTry reading a religious text that is not from my religion
    Attend another religions’ meeting
  4. Language
    Input: Idea
    Output: Communicate
    Feedback: Audience
    Other Factors: Culture, Family, Friends, Location, SpeciesSpeak Tamil to everyone for one day
  5.  Transportation
    Input: Leave
    Output: Arrive
    Feedback: Distance
    Other Factors: Weather, Time, CompanyVisit a PAT public meeting
    Walk to all destinations regardless of distance
    Wait for 1 specific bus the whole day
  6. Hygiene
    Input: routine
    Output: Clean
    Feedback: Tolerance (of feeling dirty)
    Other Factors: Family, Friends, Responsibilities, SocietyDedicate 2 hours for brushing my teethe
    Bathe in ice cold water for a week
  7. Study
    Input: Confused
    Output: Understand
    Feedback: Skill
    Other Factors: Interest, tiredness, timeAttend academic development
    Attend study sessions for 1 day (even if I do not take the class)
  8. Relationships
    Input: Lonely
    Output: Support System
    Feedback: Maintenance (keeping in touch)
    Other Factors: Who?, Family, Professional vs. Personal, memories, grudgesRespond to all email, texts, social media, that I receive in a day (even if it is spam)
    Write letters to everyone that I have not kept in touch with
  9. Reading
    Input: Curiosity
    Output: Knowledge
    Feedback: Time/speed
    Other Factors: Interest, personal vs assigned, genre, lengthOnly read Magazines for one day
    Read texts that are not assigned and are not interesting for me
  10. Sleeping
    Input: exhausted
    Output: refreshed
    Feedback: Time
    Other Factors: work, tiredness, Parents, schedule, rulesDo not sleep for a night
    Sleep with hourly interruptions
    Spend a day where you sleep for an hour, work an hour, sleep, work, sleep, etc
  11. System That I changed for 1 day:
    Self – improvement
    Input: Need to Change
    Output: Become a better person
    Feedback(negative) : criticism
    Feedback(Positive) : Praise
    Other Factors: work, professionalism, self-esteem, confidence, societyIn this system, I found it interesting that the system has clear negative and positive feedbacks. However, People most often seek to improve themselves through criticism even though positive reinforcement (praise) is proven to work better. I believe that this system is closely tied in with societal norms or pressures; if someone seeks praise then they are labelled as narcissistic, over-confident, and more. It is also hard to receive praise since we are not trained on how to graciously accept it. To break this system, I spent a day trying to let everyone on my contacts list know what great things they’ve done for me or just how special they were. After getting past the initial discomfort of writing such wonderful things and sending them out to be judged, it was interesting to see the different reactions.
    Here is a link to the post which Documents this experience:

“10 Systems: Part I” by Maryyann Landlord (2014)

In: desire to succeed
Process: schoolwork
Out: grades
Change: Write in Cursive instead of print.



In: Motivation to improve
Process: Practicing Guitar
Out: Improvement in skill and self-satisfaction
Change: Play with Teeth instead of hands



In: Need to carry items to class
Process: Storing all of books and folders in backpack
Out: Ability to carry many items around
Change: Carry things with little purse



In: Tiredness, wanting to rest
Process: Sleeping
Out: Replenished energy
Change: Sleeping with stuffed animals instead of blankets.



In: Wanting to absorb more knowledge
Process: Browsing the web
Out: learned knowledge
Change: Learning from a book instead of from a laptop.



In: Hunger/Food
Process: Eating/Digestion
Out: fulfillment
Change: Eating only vegetables.



In: Desire to reach a location
Process: Transportation:
Out: Reaching the destination
Change: Walk everywhere instead of going by Vehicle



In: Social Norms
Process: Behaving in acceptable ways
Out: Ability to fit in
Change: Eating on the table from the chair vs. eating on the chair from the table



In: Wanting to connect with people online
Process: chatting through online
Out: self-satisfaction and connection with old friends.
Change: typing in chinese instead of english



In: Desire to communicate with others.
Process: Greeting/talking to others.
Out: Recognition, Reciprocation
Change: Communicate using only animal sounds

A short clip from my day…..

Messing with Systems – Swetha Kannan ( 2014 )

In this assignment, we were asked to change one system in our lives. I chose to focus on something that I had been thinking about this break; the system of communication in our society. More specifically, I was thinking more along the lines of how we are more willing to offer criticism rather than praise because of societal pressures. Especially when someone is looking to improve themselves, it is more often that they do it through criticism (negative feedback) rather than praise (positive feedback).

Therefore, for this assignment, I decided to send positive feedback to everyone on my contact list. Granted, this list is very small since I am apparently an unsociable person who isn’t in the habit of asking for numbers. However, I found it interesting to reconnect with people I never talk to anymore (like my freshman room mate) and to offer them things I noticed were their strong points or praise for things they have done for me in the past.

This is a master compilation of the texts I sent and received texts back from :


More Documentation: I printed out the texts I received back and mounted them so that each has their own iphone – like frame.


This was an interesting project for me since I sent out texts early that morning and was receiving and sending out even more throughout the day. It was especially nice to hear from people who I have not kept in contact with and to hear the nice ompliments I got back in return. One of the more surprising things turned out to be that people who I am friends with but not very close to replied instantly whereas people who I am extremely close to still haven’t replied. I suppose it has to do wih ‘no words needed’?

“System Breaking” by Ralph Kim (2014)

Assignment,Systems Thinking — ralph @ 11:50 am

Waking up late vs. waking up early



Read in bed vs. read outside



Brush teeth at sink vs. brush teeth at toilet

10500 9500


Non-fiction vs fiction


2500   1-500

Play to win vs. try something new

3500 4500   

A simple breakfast vs. a complete breakfast




Glasses vs no glasses


18500 17500


Dress shoes vs. sneakers

15500 16500


Google vs. Bing



No music vs. music



“Survival Ball” by Yes Men (2010): Example Block Diagram

Artists,Reference,Systems Thinking — Ali Momeni @ 2:59 pm

yes-men-survival ball-block-diagram

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