01 IDO doin it wrong

— Ali Momeni @ 11:54 am

IN DEFENSE OF Doing the Wrong Thing, all the way right…

James Joyce (b. 1882 in Dublin, Ireland, d. 1941)

Rube Goldberg (b. 1883 in SF, USA, d. 1970)

Conlon Nancarrow (b. 1912 in USA, d. 1997)

John Cage (b. 1912 in LA, USA, d. 1992)
Paul McCarthy (b.  1945 in Utah, USA)

Peter Fischli and David Weiss (b. 1952 and 1946 in Switzerland, Weiss d. in 2012)

Matthew Barney (b. 1967 in SF, USA)

Harrison and Wood

Ghana Think Tank

Yes Men (Andy b. ?, Igor b. 1968)

Gedi Sibony (b. 1973 in NYC, USA)

Felipe Castelblanco (b. 198x in Bogota, Columbia)


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