Red Paper Clip- “Banana Suit.” (2014)

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For this project, I created a sensory deprivation experience in which the subject was blindfolded and exposed to different forms of affection from friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

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Collaboration with Melanie Kim.

We used IFTTT to create an automated chain of text messages. The trigger to receive the next text message with the next set of directions is a tag on instagram that is specified in the previous text message. We directed the participants to take pictures of what they felt the text messages described,

these ( are the red marker (Jaime)’s actual locations,


and these ( are the blue marker (Dan)’s actual locations.


For their photos, check out their instagram: @cmu14tjjr / @dan54j


For a static map of their journey, check out google maps:


Their final destination was Gene’s Last Chance, which was permanently closed.

Sleep When You’re Dead

This project was a group collaboration: Hannah Gaskill, Nicholas Sardo, Angelina Namkung,  Maddy Gryger, and Andrea Gershuny.  The concept of this project was to focus on the stress culture that was prevalent at CMU, and the inherent pride that ensues due to lack of sleep.  Students pride themselves on whoever has the least amount of sleep.  This led us to thinking about a method in which to allow stressed students more sleep, creating three beds in the shape of coffins and installing them around campus, providing students with a comfortable area in which to get a decent amount of sleep.

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CMU 2014 Concept Studio III: Curating Reality – 2014-02-14

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10 Systems by Nicholas Sardo (2014)

1) Skating as transportation (I skate pretty much everywhere instead of walking)

Input: Need to go somewhere

Output: Arriving quickly

Feedback: Being able to skate faster, deal with obstacles

Change: Walk everywhere


2)Drinking coffee

Input: Being busy and an insomniac leading to lack of sleep

Output: Feeling like I can function much better

Feedback: Figuring out the optimal amount of coffee to have in a day

Change: Keep detailed records of my coffee consumption and plan exact times to consume it


3) Djing parties

Input: Wanting to make people dance and enjoy themselves/myself

Output: People enjoying the music/enjoying the music myself

Feedback: Improving music choice and mixing ability

Change: Mix only genres of music that I’ve never played live before


4) Working with spray paint

Input: Wanting to produce large spray paint pieces

Output: Making pieces I like

Feedback: Practicing can control, improving technique, letting medium dictate concepts

Change: Only spray paint with the can upside down


5) Dealing with stress/intense life events

Input: Feeling stressed or “bad”

Output: Feeling better

Feedback: Improving general mental wellness by letting go of things, not procrastinating

Change: Stop drinking, only deal with things using meditation


6) Dealing with insomnia

Input: Not being able to sleep

Output: Finally sleeping

Feedback: Figuring out better ways to fall asleep reliably

Change: Only use melatonin instead of other substances, shut off all electronics an hour before bed


7) Staying in touch with parents

Input: Parents want to talk fairly often

Output: Parents are happy, I get to not be separated from my family

Feedback: Plan certain times to talk

Change: Video chat with parents in the middle of the week (when I would normally least want to)


8) How I carry things I need

Input: Needing to transport items

Output: Having access to many things

Feedback: Getting better backpacks, carefully choosing what I bring with me when I leave my house

Change: Don’t use any kind of container, including pockets, only carry things in my hands


9) Doing class assignments

Input: Getting an assignment

Output: Completing assignment

Feedback: Improving how I work, doing things sooner

Change: Not let myself work on a piece the night before it’s due, it all has to be done before then


10) How I go to the bathroom

Input: Needing to pee

Output: Successfully peeing

Feedback: Not waiting until I really, REALLY need to pee

Change: Only peeing outside


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