10 Systems by Nicholas Sardo (2014)

1) Skating as transportation (I skate pretty much everywhere instead of walking)

Input: Need to go somewhere

Output: Arriving quickly

Feedback: Being able to skate faster, deal with obstacles

Change: Walk everywhere


2)Drinking coffee

Input: Being busy and an insomniac leading to lack of sleep

Output: Feeling like I can function much better

Feedback: Figuring out the optimal amount of coffee to have in a day

Change: Keep detailed records of my coffee consumption and plan exact times to consume it


3) Djing parties

Input: Wanting to make people dance and enjoy themselves/myself

Output: People enjoying the music/enjoying the music myself

Feedback: Improving music choice and mixing ability

Change: Mix only genres of music that I’ve never played live before


4) Working with spray paint

Input: Wanting to produce large spray paint pieces

Output: Making pieces I like

Feedback: Practicing can control, improving technique, letting medium dictate concepts

Change: Only spray paint with the can upside down


5) Dealing with stress/intense life events

Input: Feeling stressed or “bad”

Output: Feeling better

Feedback: Improving general mental wellness by letting go of things, not procrastinating

Change: Stop drinking, only deal with things using meditation


6) Dealing with insomnia

Input: Not being able to sleep

Output: Finally sleeping

Feedback: Figuring out better ways to fall asleep reliably

Change: Only use melatonin instead of other substances, shut off all electronics an hour before bed


7) Staying in touch with parents

Input: Parents want to talk fairly often

Output: Parents are happy, I get to not be separated from my family

Feedback: Plan certain times to talk

Change: Video chat with parents in the middle of the week (when I would normally least want to)


8) How I carry things I need

Input: Needing to transport items

Output: Having access to many things

Feedback: Getting better backpacks, carefully choosing what I bring with me when I leave my house

Change: Don’t use any kind of container, including pockets, only carry things in my hands


9) Doing class assignments

Input: Getting an assignment

Output: Completing assignment

Feedback: Improving how I work, doing things sooner

Change: Not let myself work on a piece the night before it’s due, it all has to be done before then


10) How I go to the bathroom

Input: Needing to pee

Output: Successfully peeing

Feedback: Not waiting until I really, REALLY need to pee

Change: Only peeing outside



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