Alina Szapocznikow: sculpture undone

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I saw this exhibit at the museum of modern art over winter break. The combination of the artists personal history as a holocaust survivor, along with her combination of light and sculpture gave me a grand respect of her work. She uses multiples for many of her pieces, specially molds of body parts that are reconstructed into ominous beings. I’d like to use the squishybioish nature of her work applied to found objects instead of body parts.

1/16/2013 Post

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I remember we discussed in class briefly about the terracotta army and its relation to molds/multiples. Curious about the subject and specifically about the process of their creation I discovered this short article on the construction of the tomb and 7000+ clay warriors.


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I Am My Own Diamond
I am interested in this work and most especially of the works of Tara Donovan because of the way the artists are able to create intricate patterns and volumes and structures with seemingly small, insignificant objects.


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do ho suh  do ho suh 2


Korean artist Do-Ho Suh’s work deals with notions of interpersonal space and individual vs. collective through his use of miniature figures.

Hands and Teeth

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This piece is called Hands and Teeth and is a cast brass piece by Micah Adams. The piece is very small – 2 x 1 x 1 cm.

I’m very interested in smaller scale works because most of my sculptures last semester were on the larger scale. I’m impressed with the way Adams combines a small item which is basically a bone with fleshy hands to create a delicate but gruesome small sculpture. I believe the size of the piece adds to the eeriness of the artwork.
Furthermore, I’m interested in how Adams was able to cast such a small piece without letting the details disappear.

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Olafur Eliasson, an artist I am very interested in, mass produced a type of light fixture inspired by his work. In doing this, he makes his typically large scale installation and site specific work available to homes and businesses across the world. This work involves the use of light, which I think can also be used as a medium of multiples.


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Ana Bidart is a Uruguay-based artist who’s work seems to be mainly comprised of layers. In her carved paper piece, she carved rolls of paper and designed them to look like a topographic study. What I find most interesting is how a man-made object could be made to look so organic and natura

Carved Rolls of

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