Final Project in Rhino – Murphy

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Crest Documentation – Murphy

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Crest1 Crest3 Crest4Crest2

Pika Crest CNC

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Laserface- Murphy

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3D Print-Murphy

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3dgun1 3dgun2

Bastard Laser

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Dear Jonathon,

I spent this morning in the Foundry at the Laser Cutter. The Machine has
some sort of error and they are taking it offline to try and fix it. Last
night I printed 48 minutes of my piece but the supervisor kicked me off so
I have to wait for the machine to re-draw everything -_-

they said that they will try and get the machine back online for later
today, but that it might not be functional till tomorrow. I plan on going
back early evening to try and cut again, but I can only hope. Just wanted
to email you to give you a headsup, don’t know if other people are
emailing you or not. Hopefully this won’t be a setback but we’ll see

see you tomorrow in class!

Best wishes,



I tried to email you but it says your email doesn’t exist….

Laser Box!! YAY

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Birch Tree- Murphy =(

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Using 3D printing for the FUTURE!!

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This article talks about a new application for the 3d printers we saw in class. In the article they reference how the printer has been used for food like chocolate, and I remember us seeing videos on 2 artists that make jelly using the printer. The validity of this article relates to the constant evolution of 3d printing. As time changes and technology is becoming more and more developed, who knows what new art forms can come out of 3d printing, and the materials that 3d printers can use to create art. Personally I’m very excited about 3d printing and hope one day that 3d printers will be able to print on a molecular level so that they flawlessly recreate past pieces of art.

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