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0. Microcontroller Testing

teensy testing

4 sensors, 6 LEDs, 2 servos, one stepper (with pololu stepper driver)

  • New version of Maxuino coming!
  • A prototyping board with all: sensors, actuators (LEDS), servos, steppers

1.  FM Radio: NS73M FM Transmitter (DXArts, Mike Yancey)

Sparkfun FM Radio Transmitter module and Teensy microcontoller

  • Reading Datasheets
  • Following Schematics

2. Wixel USB Wireless Module for Wireless Servo

Wixel used as a “serial wireless” bridge for the Teensy, to control two servos remotely

  • Using a Scope

3. Pololu 3pi robots, Wixel USB Wireless Module, Max, TouchOSC: (Max Patch)

  • Embedded computing / microcontrollers
  • OSC in action

4. Modern Devices LM4889  audio amplifier module

  • Impedance Matching
5.  Audio Playback from arduino


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