Matt’s MID Semester Review

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please go to link:

i wasn’t able to upload the Prezi file (working on a fix)

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  1. PRESENTER: Matt Forrest
    skpetic: it’s “Ali Israr” not Lasrar
    -very very small font in the slides!
    -Disney Research, not to be mistaken with CMU CREATE
    -very good research of existing products and literature related to the work
    -historical references/images very effective, gives context for the work
    -your presentation covers the context/goals well, but says nothing about WHAT SOUND will come out of your box; ironic. what is your scheme for providing content to the school? will it be one time only? dynamic? updates? they generate their own?
    -past CHI conferencnes have had special interest groups on the topic; look into it!

    +1 (haptic content is huge)

    Minnar: I like how involved you are in getting feedback for your process, ensuring that your project has optimal functionality at every point (I like your use of the research about which parts of the body are most receptive to vibration)
    – are you getting a positive reception? are they looking forward to using your object?

    Nicole: Impressive prototyping/planning.Confused about what subject your tool is actually teaching. General purpose? Specific learning game?

    Kyle: nice use of images to get point across quickly. Keep kids in mind testing for actual implementations.

    felipe: Are you considering soft materials for these devices? Softer materials might give you a hard time in terms of not responding well to vibration but they can also invite (an allow more) interaction between children and the devices.


    –I wonder how haptics are perceived by blind or deaf compared to how non-handicap users. Haptics are obviously perceptual techniques to trick our brains or body. I wonder as non-handicap users, if were are more perceptually “dumb” to haptics. Are the haptic “tricks” harder to create for blind or deaf??

    –I would rather hear about what you are doing?! And how meeting the students is going? Reception already from work?

    –Remind me to shoot you some handicap HCI research.

    AeonX8: Really like your design so far… Want to see a visual of what you are thinking of regarding having a part of the device that will attach to students.

    Henry: Solid mockups + timeline!
    -This chair gizmo is like that optical sensor that works with an array of electrodes on the tongue. Or something. Wasn’t that a thing a while back?
    -Seems to me that part of these interface devices is it being a relatable object. Like. If I were deaf and looking to find a listening/speaking device, I’d want one I could hm. Like. Name, or something. I’m not sure what I’m getting at. Like, big scary machines vs. your laptop named Paul.
    – ??? etc
    -Is the association with the school making this more into a tool than a musical artistical gizmo? Is this where you want it to go? Are you able to make that?

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